Finlands biggest offshore yacht race sailed on the 7th to 9th of June 2024 with start and finish in Espoo.

In the upcoming race there are three different races and four different classes: FinRating DH, FinRating, Cruising and Open. To know in which class you can join please take a look at the class selection diagram.

If the boat type does not have a FinRating -table handicap, but the boat type is found in the ORC database, Avomeripurjehtijat ry can if requested add the boat type to the FinRating table and enable particiapation in the Crusing-class. Please contact the race committee for instructions how this can be achieved. Note this has to be requested before 5.5.2024, so please contact us in due time before that deadline.


Register for the event in Manage2Sail, the first quick ones registered already during February.

There were problems with the payments before. The problems are now sorted and payments are working. Apologies for the problem and especially to those of you that this problem caused difficulties.


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Participants will be equipped with GPS trackers, so the boats can be followed on the -page.

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